Feb. 24th, 2015

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"Ah, it would seem we are in the right place," Sherlock said, stepping through the sliding door as the lights came on. "And we were expected."

The room was long with a computer console setup on the far left with a large viewscreen keeping track of video cameras set all along the outside. At the far end of the room was a large mechanical device, humming and glowing as it seemed to be charging up a large round metal ring attached with wires and hoses. Sherlock hurried into the room, cane in hand. "Stop him, quickly!" he said to Watson as he ran in with him. "He's already turned it on!"

The scientist at the controls turned with a nasty grin on his face before throwing the final switch. There was a loud crack from the machine, almost subsonic in nature, as a large rip in time and space began to form inside the metal ring. Sherlock leapt at the man holding the lever, grappling with it and Moriarty for control.

The mixed signals from the computer caused the dimensional hole to wobble and waver, lights flickering throughout the room as it drew more current. The tunnel inside collapsing around itself as it fluctuated. The two men still struggled at the controls for a moment longer, Sherlock trying to gain the upper hand by using a baritsu judo hold but suddenly there was a loud explosion as the machine gave way under the strain.

Everyone was flung aside as a ring of energy exploded out of the vortex, killing all the lights. When Sherlock was able to pick himself up off the floor, the emergency red lights were on. He was covered in dust and debris from the broken room and Moriarty was gone. "Blast it," he said under his breath, trying to brush himself off and find out what happened to Watson.

He quickly pulled the rocks and debris off of a lone figure, lighting a match from his pocket to see better. The match itself was practically a relic in amidst all the technology.


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