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"Ah, it would seem we are in the right place," Sherlock said, stepping through the sliding door as the lights came on. "And we were expected."

The room was long with a computer console setup on the far left with a large viewscreen keeping track of video cameras set all along the outside. At the far end of the room was a large mechanical device, humming and glowing as it seemed to be charging up a large round metal ring attached with wires and hoses. Sherlock hurried into the room, cane in hand. "Stop him, quickly!" he said to Watson as he ran in with him. "He's already turned it on!"

The scientist at the controls turned with a nasty grin on his face before throwing the final switch. There was a loud crack from the machine, almost subsonic in nature, as a large rip in time and space began to form inside the metal ring. Sherlock leapt at the man holding the lever, grappling with it and Moriarty for control.

The mixed signals from the computer caused the dimensional hole to wobble and waver, lights flickering throughout the room as it drew more current. The tunnel inside collapsing around itself as it fluctuated. The two men still struggled at the controls for a moment longer, Sherlock trying to gain the upper hand by using a baritsu judo hold but suddenly there was a loud explosion as the machine gave way under the strain.

Everyone was flung aside as a ring of energy exploded out of the vortex, killing all the lights. When Sherlock was able to pick himself up off the floor, the emergency red lights were on. He was covered in dust and debris from the broken room and Moriarty was gone. "Blast it," he said under his breath, trying to brush himself off and find out what happened to Watson.

He quickly pulled the rocks and debris off of a lone figure, lighting a match from his pocket to see better. The match itself was practically a relic in amidst all the technology.

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Lamont had been settled quite happily in his lab, having just returned from a successful venture into the darker alleys of New York. Returning from his task, cloak and hat in hand, he was in his abandoned chemistry lab. Margo and Vincent had left hours earlier at his instruction to go home and rest while he continued his business late into the evening. His initial inspection of the lab told him they had dawdled for a short time before realizing he intended to be quite late.

He was reaching out toward the hat stand to trade his cloak for a lab coat when the hair on his arms stood up, as if there was some electric force pervading the room. He looked about, concern and determination on his face as he tried to locate the source, but found it difficult to move.

With a blinding flash, he felt all his senses overwhelmed at the same time and shut his eyes to try and save them. Was there a trap in the lab? What was causing the phenomenon? His mind raced as it felt like he was briefly lifted into the air.

A moment later he felt his shoes tap down on the ground however the noise and light were still too much to figure out more, but then he was airborne again. This time the sensation was a familiar one. For being unable to see or hear clearly, he could feel the concussion of an explosion ripple through his core as it tossed him. Many a time he's been thrown and buried by explosions, and he didn't fight the tumble or put out his arms to break the fall, not wanting to risk injury.

The lone figure which Sherlock finds beneath the debris is breathing easily, and for all purposes seems to be unconscious. Lamont doesn't know who or what is pulling the debris off of him, but he will play the victim for now until he can determine the truth of the situation. Meanwhile, his sharp fedora has miraculously stayed on his head and he's clad in an impeccable evening suit. Spread below him is a black cloak, but folded as it is, it looks like nothing more than an evening coat which had been dropped onto the floor. He can only hope that the single automatic pistol hidden neatly below his suit goes unnoticed long enough for him to palm it into his cloak or hat so that any cursory inspection for injury only yields an empty gun brace.

He waits a moment before moving slowly, feeling sore from the tumble and not needing to act that part at least. With a faint groan he puts a hand to his head, finding the hat there and pressing a hand down on it as if it had been hit in the blast.

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His fingernails are finely manicured, but the palms of his hands are thick from sports, or work. He's certainly a man of wealthy standing to be able to manage both, and while he's holding the hand up, Lamont clasps the hand as if to help him stand.

"A little sore." An easy, Northeastern American accent breaks through the dim light. For having been in an explosion he sounds like he's in relatively good spirits. His mask is hidden away in his suit, he wasn't going to arrive at his own labs in disguise after all, so there's no hiding his sharp features as he sits up. He keeps the brim of his had lowered, and while it keeps him an enigma in the match light, he also can't study more then the pants and shoes of his rescuer. Still, studious eyes take in the details that they can in an attempt to learn something of the situation.

"But otherwise well. What happened?" As well-mannered as his words are, there's a hint of sharp curiosity behind that question at the end. He lets go of Sherlock's hand now that he's on his side and he looks around briefly as if he had no idea where his coat was. 'Finding' it on the floor next to him he slowly starts to pick it up off the floor and setting it in his lap, as if in a daze.

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That elicits an honest look of confusion as Lamont finally looks up at Sherlock, and then he glances around. The coat and deerstalker could be addressed later.

"I was in my-" His voice trails off as he takes in the wholly alien room around him. He sets a hand on the floor, eyes scanning the room with incredible sharpness. They were brown, almost to the point of looking black, and they darted as he tried to make sense of the space. "Where are we."

The question is a demand, hardly a question as he requires information to sort out what's happened. Even if someone had rigged a bomb in his personal lab, there was no explaining the situation until his mind raced to the next conclusion.

"The light. There was a flash. Where am I?" He turns to look at Sherlock with an expression that said he expected a straight answer. Lamont was watching the man for any sort of clue. He could tell he had the investigative sort on hand, but he clearly wouldn't accept more questions.

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Lamont eyes the retrieval of that cane. The look could be mistaken as wary, but Sherlock would be the sort to understand the sharp look is one of quick and thorough inspection. At least the well-dressed man accepts the help to stand and he brings his cloak with him, briefly bothering to dust himself off while his eyes wander to that impromptu window.

He's made his study of Moriarty's lab, filing it under 'curious', but it's what is outside of that hole in the wall that has his attention. He tilts his head slightly as he ignored Sherlock, long strides making short work of the distance and then he's setting his hand expertly on a part of the brick that's not particularly compromised and looking out into this strange new world.

"New London." This time it's a question veiled as a statement, his eyes darting almost wildly as he takes in the vehicles, the lights and the completely different look to London. A flying car zips past and his head tracks its trajectory with fascination. A moment of watching it in sheer awe and he's suddenly turning back to his own situation and he looks back at Sherlock. The man didn't quite fit with the scenery, his look was one that even Lamont would class as 'slightly outdated'.

"New York. But less- new." His gawking had already tipped his hat. With a thoughtful motion, he reaches up to pluck the fedora from his head and gives it a distracted dusting as he turns his back on the sight outside to face Sherlock.

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Perhaps it is the few decades he has on Sherlock. Living in an era defined by cars, planes and constant scientific advances, taking in a flying metal box is a little easier, though still a bit much to swallow. Lamont is a brilliant mind, of course cars might fly one day, he just never expected to witness it.

Watson, however, earns a more obvious stare. He was beyond any automaton Lamont might have seen at a fair, and the ease with which it moves and interacts with Holmes is uncanny. There's clearly a bulk of metal there but the head is almost alarmingly lifelike. That, and Holmes had called something a computer. Watson's direction immediately pointed out what the man meant, but the metal boxes looked nothing like the devices he knew about.

Again, Lamont is pulled from his awed study of his surroundings. The weight of it all is slowly showing on his face as he tries to catch up to hundreds of years of advancements in a few short minutes. His voice is distracted as he watches Watson scan the wreckage, unable to identify a single familiar item within it, save for switches, buttons and wires.

"My- senses were overwhelmed. There was a flash of light and a loud hum of electricity. Brief sensation of weightlessness, then the explosion."
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"Lamont Cranston." He offers, but is nearly oblivious to Holmes' offer of hospitality. Idleness does not suit Lamont, and even though he's still processing facts and observations, he feels compelled to investigate. He will not sit by while there is a chance he can be of use to the situation.

He gives a distracted wave, dismissing the chair as he makes for the nearest remains of the computers. He gives Watson his space to do - whatever it is he's doing by plugging into the system. Communicating with it certainly, but the how can be addressed later.

With purpose in his motions, Lamont pulls thin, black gloves from inside his jacket, putting them on and then running a hand along the metal frame. He doesn't want to contaminate the crime scene much further by getting his fingerprints all over the evidence. His fingers practically dance across the controls, a featherweight touch that disturbs little but tells the scientist much.

"Clues we will find." He locates a seam that doesn't follow the others on the panel and starts to mindfully pry at it. It's been warped in the explosion, but will open if he gives it a little effort. "Obviously you have an insight to the cause of my situation. Not that a name would mean much to me at this juncture."

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Lamont gives an amused glance back at Holmes, finding his actions almost quaint but he can relate to using a similar spyglass for many of his own investigations when a microscope is overpowered for the task.

"Actually, I'm a good friend of Commissioner Weston. I have an outstanding invitation to the police force to bring evidence to my research laboratories when they find particularly vexing cases." He pauses as the panel creaks and gives a brief chuckle at his statement.

"Had." With a deft reassessment of the panel, he taps a corner of it gently, and then pulls on it again, and it pops open with ease. Taking a knee, and clearly not caring about the fact that his expensive suit will get dirty, he starts to look around inside of the system. There's an almost boyish glee to his smile as he starts to take it in at close range. The technology is incredible. And small.

"I hope I'm not disturbing your investigations, Mr. Watson." When in Rome. If Holmes is addressing the automaton as a living being, he will extend the same courtesy. He doesn't know if his poking about will affect whatever the robot is doing.

From somewhere deep within the system, there's a faint glow. Lamont peers closely to the panel he's opened and then satisfied that he doesn't see any obvious electrical terminals on which to shock himself, he slides into the control cabinet, right up to his waist.

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"I'll be fine, Mr. Holmes." There's a light, pleasant ring as Lamont's voice echoes from within the metal cabinet. It's tone might be described as decidedly 'Yankee' in its assuredness that Lamont knows he won't get stuck.

"Though I think you'll find your Moriarty left more behind than his footprints." With near-surgical precision, Lamont is in the process of detaching a brilliant, pinkish orb from within the tangle of wires, plastics and metals of the console. There are a few moments where the lights on the console blink on and off, as if by design. That would be Lamont poking about the connections, testing to see what they might do. As far as he can determine, he seems to have found some sort of energy source that's beyond his knowledge.

Finally, a single gloved hand comes out and holds onto the edge of the console as he leverages himself free of the tangle of wires within. His head pops into view and he's clearly grinning out of delight from his excursion.

"Lovely machine. But even this seems out of place in all this technology." Now that he's out, Lamont brings the orb from within the console, holding it carefully. There's a clear shell of some protective material surrounding it, with a few electrical ports on it and a socket on the bottom to fasten it in place. "Quite beyond me, really. But very elegant nonetheless."

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Lamont gives a concerned look at that comment about plutonium. He knows enough about radioactive isotopes to recognize their dangers even though the element hasn't been discovered in his time yet. He carefully settles it onto a flat, stable part of the console and watches Watson curiously. There must be some radio frequency with which the android was accessing this information. He doesn't want to be rude but he'd be very curious to learn more about how he goes about such things at some point.

Watson's query returns with some information about a research lab in New London, and notes that there are only two in existence, and they were fabricated some years back as part of a space program initiative. The project fell through, but the sources couldn't be deactivated so they had been put into storage. Clearly, Moriarty has acquired one somehow, but the locations were never kept secret. They were easily located so that researchers could try to find new uses for them. The other, is kept on the far Western side of New London.

"It's a shame to see research abused like that." He shakes his head, though there's still a levity to the way Lamont speaks. "If it's all the same to you, I'd like to accompany the two of you to the facility."

Lamont felt it was obvious that would be the next step. They would need to head off any action from Moriarty, and since they already had one source, he would need another if he intended to attempt the same actions again. Considering the explosion, Lamont feels certain that there will be another attempt to succeed at whatever task Moriarty's set himself to, even if he's never met the man.

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When Watson walks off to retrieve the car, Lamont gives a cursory look around, finding a metal box for them to move the orb inside. He makes a nest of insulated wire to keep it from rolling around and settles it inside. The less hands-on he is with the orb, the less risk to his person.

He doesn't pause in his task while Holmes asks the question and he nods with a friendly smile.

"1935. Quite an impressive deduction for a man who dresses like it's the 1890s." Quid-pro-quo, though Lamont tends to be a bit more lighthearted about his inquiries. Satisfied with his task, he caps the box and stands while removing his gloves and putting them back into a pocket.

"If he tries again, we will want to secure this one, rather than bring it to the site of the other and double his chances of acquiring either." There's a coy smile as he thinks on a rather successful tactic he's used in the past, though it's questionable is a man of Moriarty's ilk would fall as easily for it. It's better to speak his mind though, than hold a potential plan to himself in this case.

"Unless you think there's a chance we could lure him into taking a device we could track." The technology he knew was old compared to this, but Lamont had still managed to plant a bug in a radio system which allowed him to listen in to the plans of his adversary until they caught on that he was too many steps ahead.
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Lamont nods his approval of Holmes' idea, though he will need to rely on the man's resources to make the idea happen. He could certainly try to make a glass bulb glow, but it will not be the same as the one in his box. He doesn't know what he might have access to, or if he'll even know how to use it. The room with its wrecked computers is impressive enough, and disconnecting a few cables was hardly operating a complex machine.

The female officer amuses Lamont, but only because of the looks she gives Holmes. It honestly pleases him to see a woman serving, she certainly looks the part and since she clearly associates with Holmes, she must be quite capable. With a pleasant doff of his cap and a polite Officer, he follows Holmes and sits in the car where he can see Watson at the wheel. The less he dallies, the less likely that the officer will have a chance to notice he's armed and carrying a permit for a city a thousand miles away and a few centuries expired.

He's not certain what he was expecting for controls, but they're more airplane than car in design. At least the stick, the dash panel is far more simplified and he's almost disappointed it's missing many of the dials and gauges he's used to seeing. He imagines most of that must be controlled by something like the computer he saw earlier, it would be the only explanation in this strange future. He'll need to watch one in action, and fully functional at some point so he can better understand the challenges he'll be up against. As he sits in the back, closely watching their heading and Watson's actions, he finally speaks up.

"Officer Lestrade works with you often?"

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"A recurring adversary." Lamont states with a nod. He's not quite been around the 'vigilante' circuit back home to really gain any of those, and there's a certain part of him that's a little glad for it. Still, is speaks volumes to Moriarty's cunning and intellect that he's at large, and been a regular problem for a man like Holmes.

Lamont pauses in his conversation to carefully mind how Watson accomplishes the merging maneuver, and then returns his attention to Holmes.

"Seems to me she has a good measure of foresight to solicit your help." Lamont works regularly with Margo, and though she doesn't run his lab, she's one of the best on his staff and a good friend. He trusts her implicitly, and knows she does the best work. She's clever and spirited, and not afraid of danger when he calls for her. She doesn't know it yet, but in case of something happening to him, he's left the lab to her. At the thought, he wonders how being pulled to the future has affected his own time.
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Lamont looks a little perturbed that Holmes would blatantly ask Watson to research him right there, but in a way it's also polite. Whatever information there is on Lamont, they will both be aware, and also know how much Moriarty might know about him if it was intentional.

Lamont keeps his eyes on the skyway, and an ear to Watson when he finally seems to return, though the whole while he seemed rather undistracted from his task of flying them safely. Quite a feat within itself.

Lamont Cranston, founder and owner of Cranston Research Laboratories. Specializing in chemical research for pharmaceutics, government and early forensic methods. Cranston was also the lead chemist. Hobbies included radio communications and he was a certified pilot. Member of American Chemical Society, and the Manhattan Cobalt Club. Officially listed Forensics Consultant for New York Police with reference as professional witness in multiple cases. Only police report details an unexplained disappearance in 1935, with no signs of foul play or intent to abscond. Presumed dead.

Lamont tears his gaze from the trip to look at Watson with a deep frown, clearly bothered by this news. Whatever Moriarty had done to bring him to the future, had left a scar on the past in the form of his disappearance. His expression darkens as he sits back in his seat at last, crossing his arms as he takes in the news. It doesn't bode well, for him or Moriarty. He's left friends behind and to think about Margo or Vincent worrying while trying to find him, and simultaneously keep his secret, leaves him troubled. He sits with his thoughts, preferring to keep them to himself.

ugh short post sorry

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Lamont stays in his pensive state for only a moment longer before nodding. In that short moment he wonders how he might be able to take advantage of the situation to turn it in their favor. If Moriarty doesn't know he was brought here, or is at least unaware of his identity, he might have a card to play. Until then, he simply nods and adopts his usually pleasant nature again with a gentle smile.

"Quite right, Mr. Holmes. We should try to make the best of what's been presented to us. I will be interested to see the state of the next device, and it's protections. If we can keep it from this Moriarty, I would like to study it."


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